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OMRON IA — Taking Quality to the Next Level

We achieve new levels of quality in every process throughout the product lifecycle to increase global competitiveness in manufacturing.

What we mean by 'quality'

OMRON IA works with clients in a broad range of manufacturing industries. We help solve our customers' individual problems by providing them with world-class products, integrated solutions and innovative technologies that take into consideration the unique needs of each industry. Some of these requirements include products that are more advanced, operate faster, and cover a broader spectrum. We are also required to produce small lots of multiple models and deliver them promptly. Our business success depends on our ability to meet and exceed our customer requirements as well as to appreciate our customers' perspectives and help them overcome the challenges of the factory floor. Maintaining and improving the quality of our own products is key to the success of our operations, and we have achieved numerous technological innovations through our dedicated commitment to improve and advance our processes. It is through these efforts that we have developed the sentiment that quality is primarily about improving production processes.

Many of the issues arising with product quality are actually due to factors at the design phase. These problems cannot be solved through inspection during production processes alone: quality management and optimization requires a reexamination of the design and development phases as well. The causes of defects must be analyzed and resolved through appropriate feedback and sharing this information to the surrounding processes if a comprehensive advancement in manufacturing quality is to be achieved. In other words, achieving quality in the art of making things begins at the source and involves the entire process. It is only by focusing on the quality of each individual process and expanding it to encompass the whole that this can be achieved. This is the thinking behind our concept of quality management throughout the product lifecycle.

[fig] Quality Management Throughout the Product Lifecycle