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Quality Solutions

OMRON IA offers solution packages based on our conception of the art of making things and our QLM successes.

Creating a quality value chain

True quality involves quality management and optimization at every stage of the product lifecycle from development and design to collection and disposal. At OMRON IA, the Quality Lifecycle Management (QLM) approach that we have developed for making our own products incorporates basic manufacturing principles that apply regardless of the industry or the changing times and social environment. Implementing appropriate quality management throughout the product lifecycle ensures not only the quality of the product itself, but also improved overall manufacturing quality for all of the processes that go into making it. At OMRON IA, we have developed solution packages for our customers that achieve total quality management and optimization through the application of our products. We also offer the experience to help implement strict quality verification for each process that not only quantifies information but also circulates and shares it among processes for improved operations.

Our solution service comprises three key hardware and software components: quality gateways, which quantify product quality to prevent defective goods from being passed along to the next process or from reaching post-production; product analyzers, which analyze quantitative data from the quality gateways to identify defect factors; and quality controllers, which control and manage quality by directing corrections to defect factors. These key components combine to create what we call a quality value chain that contributes to higher quality at all stages of production. In the quality optimization process, OMRON applies its sensing and control components and technologies to establish four frameworks: detection and collection of production and quality information; product and facility quantification and visualization; conception and formalization of knowledge and expertise; and arrangement of equipment systems structures, knowledge and expertise. This is the essence of OMRON IA's discriminating approach to quality, which allows quality to be visualized and improvements to be smoothly implemented.

[fig.] Positive Quality Cycle Created by OMRON IA's QLM solutions


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