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OMRON IA offers solution packages based on our conception of the art of making things and our quality successes.

QLM Solutions

Quality Lifecycle Management (QLM) is an OMRON solution service whereby we design processes for maintaining and improving quality by correlating product quality data for every process from the development phase to design, procurement, production, delivery, maintenance, recovery and disposal, and managing it for use throughout the entire product lifecycle.

[PROCESS QUALITY] Don't let defective goods pass | [PRODUCT QUALITY] Don't produce defective goods | [MARKET QUALITY] Respond rapidly to market demand

Quantify quality throughout the product lifecycle to realize optimization and control.

Merits of introducing QLM solutions:

  • Maintaining and improving quality for increased yield and reduced claim costs
  • Quantified quality data for vertical production launch and shorter completion times
  • Consistent quality production achieved through quality data quantification
  • Increased awareness and sensitivity to quality overall

Solution products to achieve QLM

Package solution (Q-up Navi: SMT process improvement support system)

Inspection devices employing image-sensing technology are installed for each process on the SMT line, including printing (P), mounting (Z), and reflow (S). If a defect is detected, its cause is estimated and a three-point verification linking the inspection results (image information and numerical information) from each of the processes (PZS) is used to enable detailed analysis of the defect, facilitating prompt improvement measures. Q-up Navi is an innovative system in which inspection devices are utilized not just to remove defective items, but to gather line quality data for the purpose of improving the entire process.

[fig.] Q-up Navi: SMT Process Improvement Support System

Waveform analysis diagnostics solution (Signarc: noise inspection system)

Signarc is a quality improvement solution specifically designed for addressing noise and vibration issues in product quality. Unlike images, sound and vibration are invisible and require waveform analysis diagnostics technology for quantification and numerical evaluation. By developing algorithms for sound evaluation that once required the sensitive ears, knowledge and experience of a veteran technician, it is possible not only to automatically determine whether or not a product is defective, but also to establish the nature and cause of the defect. The effects of such a system can mean a major contribution in quality improvement, labor savings, and reduced costs due to defects.

[fig.] Signarc: Noise Inspection System


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