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OMRON IA puts its sensing and control technologies to work to achieve both productivity and safety on the production line. Corporations competing in a global market must fulfill their social responsibilities if they are to survive in the current market climate.

Improving efficiency and safety

The need to realize not only higher productivity, but also greater levels of safety is increasingly clear throughout the manufacturing world. Corporations competing in a global market must fulfill their social responsibilities if they are to survive in the current market climate.

It is becoming apparent that safety-related issues encompass both design-level safety of the equipment and machinery that makes up the production line and specific safety policies relating to their use.

At OMRON IA, we view safety as a vital and emerging market need in manufacturing and offer an extensive line of safety products from components to networks that are strengthening our system solution capabilities to deliver even more powerful safety design consulting expertise.

In the past, equipment safety and productivity have been viewed as competing goals. At OMRON IA, we have applied our core competence in sensing and control technologies along with our accumulated labor safety expertise gleaned from our own production operations to combine enhanced safety with improved productivity and efficiency.

In September 2006, we welcomed STI (Scientific Technologies, Inc.), the number one safety equipment company in North America, into the OMRON Group, further strengthening our safety operations. STI's arrival as a member of the OMRON Group will allow us to synergize OMRON's sensing and control technologies with STI optical technology patents and equipment, enabling us to more rapidly develop new products for emerging fields and enhancing our ability to respond to advanced safety needs.

What safety controls are required on a production line?

A key requirement for manufacturing is safety control systems that recognize danger when an operator enters a hazardous environment or when equipment malfunctions due to sensor failure and automatically halts equipment operation to ensure the safety of both operator and equipment. Safety controls are essential not only for individual machines that could injure people, but also press processing lines, parts welding lines, and other highly hazardous production environments where whirling robot arms and other hazards are present.

In order to implement these safety controls, it is essential to begin taking safety into consideration at the equipment and facility design stage. We at OMRON IA offer safety components that incorporate the latest sensing and control technologies combined with safety design consulting services to ensure optimum machine and equipment safety and secure a safe production environment. Our total safety solutions help improve productivity by minimizing the risk of work-related injuries while realizing more efficient machine and equipment design.


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