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Safety Precautions for All Axial Fans

Do not touch the blades. Doing so may result in injury. Always mount the optional Finger Guard when there is any possibility that a person may touch the fan blade.

Do not use the Box Fan with the Finger Guard removed. Make sure that power is turned OFF before performing any action that requires touching the blades, such as inspections or filter replacement.

Do not hold the Fan by its power lines, or pull the power lines with excessive force. Injury may occasionally occur if the Fan falls.

Do no insert objects into the rotating parts of the Fan. Fan failure may occasionally result in property damage or minor injury.

Do not allow the Fan to be subjected to shock, such as falling, otherwise the service life and performance characteristics of the Fan will be adversely affected. Precision-type ball bearings are used to hold the shaft of the Fan.

Do not use the Fan outside the rated temperature range or above the rated voltage. The resulting increase in coil temperature or blade deformation may occasionally cause burns or other minor injuries. Do not touch the motor section during operation or immediately after stopping operation.

Do not use the Fan in locations subject to flammable or explosive gases. Minor injury may occasionally occur due to explosion.

Do not attempt to disassemble, repair, or modify the Fan. Property damage or minor injury may occasionally occur due to electric shock, fire, or Fan failure.

Unexpected operation of the Fan after, for example, the Fan has stopped due to contact failure or due to the operation of overheating protection (thermal protection), may result in minor injury.
Make sure that the power is turned OFF before performing any action that requires touching the blades, such as inspections.

Do not wire the power lines of the Fan in series with those of other Fans or devices. Wire the devices in parallel. Fan failure may occasionally result in property damage or minor injury.

Be sure to secure the Fan with the mounting bolts. Not doing so may result in injury due to the Fan falling. Use M4 bolts to mount the Fan. Recommended tightening torque: 0.44 N·m.

Provide measures, such as circuit-breaker fuses, on the power supply lines of devices that are using Axial Fans. Short-circuiting of the Fan may adversely affect other devices.

Precautions for Safe Use

Do not install the Fan in the following locations.

Locations subject directly to water (except for water-resistant Fans)

Locations subject directly to oil

Locations subject directly to vibration or shock

Locations subject to strong static electricity or harmonics

Locations subject to excessive dust or metallic powder

Locations subject to direct sunlight

Locations subject to condensation or icing

Locations subject to corrosive gases (particularly sulfide and ammonia gases)

Precautions for Correct Use

1. Check the direction of the airflow before installing the Fan. The direction of the airflow is indicated with an arrow on the Fan frame. The arrow points in the direction that the air flows.

2. Refer to the panel cutout dimensions in each datasheet to cut a hole in the installation device and secure the Fan with bolts.

3. The Fan is intended for cooling and air circulation. Do not use it for other purposes.

4. Dispose of the Fan as industrial waste.

5. Ensure that no organic solvents or alkaline chemicals are in contact with plastic parts of the Fan, otherwise cracks, swelling, or dissolution may result.

6. Secure the cover of the Box Fan with the mounting bolts. If the cover is loose, vibration may cause it to come off.

7. Do not remove the cover while the Box Fan is operating.

Precautions for Correct Use

Leakage Flux

Leakage flux from an Axial Fan may distort the image on nearby CRT screens. Measures to prevent this problem include:

1. Keeping CRTs at least 30 cm away from the Axial Fan.

2. Shielding the Axial Fan side with metal mesh.
The leakage flux from a Fan with metal blades is less than with plastic blades. The leakage flux distribution curves are shown below as examples.

R87T and Other AC Axial Fans

Leakage flux
Leakage flux

Noise Countermeasures

The cooling effect and noise levels of Axial Fans are greatly affected by the mounting conditions. Take the points listed below into account when installing the Fans.

Maintain as much clearance as possible between the Fan inlet and the cooled object. (If the cooled object occupies
about the same surface area as the Fan on a flat surface, a distance of approximately 10 cm is appropriate.)

The diameter of the Fan installation hole (D2) should be larger than the diameter of the Fan (D1).
D1:Fan installation hole diameter
D2:Fan diameter
D1 > D2

Cooling Effect

Avoid rapid changes in air flow direction or air-flow crosssection which reduce the cooling effect.

When installing the Fan, keep the clearance at the outlet side as small as possible. (If there is a large clearance at the outlet side, it may not be possible to obtain a sufficient cooling effect.)

Axial Fan Installation

The Fan can be mounted with bolts through only one flange (single-flange mounting) or with through-bolts through both flanges (double-flange mounting). Take care not to distort the frame when using double-flange mounting.
Tighten the bolts to a torque of approximately 0.44 N·m when installing the Fan.

Box Fan Installation

As shown in the figure, line the Box Fan up with the screw holes, insert it into the panel cut-out, and firmly secure it with the enclosed mounting bolts and nuts.

The cover can be mounted either upward or downward. Use whichever direction is convenient.

Precautions for Building Fans into Equipment

Always mount the optional Finger Guard when there is any possibility that a person may touch the Fan blade.

Mount a protective shield or screen, or the optional Finger Guard to the Axial Fan installation.

Do not use a Box Fan with the Finger Guard removed. Injury may occur as a result of touching the Fan blade.

There are various types of optional R87F-FG Finger Guards available. Select the one that suits the size of the Axial Fan.

Always turn OFF the power and confirm that the Fan blade has stopped turning before starting to conduct an inspection, replace the filter, etc. Injury may occur as a result of touching the Fan blade.