Switch Mode Power Supply (15/30/50/100/150/300/600/1,500-W Models)


Covered type, Input: 100 to 240 VAC, Power rating 30 W, Output: 12 VDC, Terminal blocks (Screw terminal)

Power rating 30 W
Rated input voltage 100 to 240 VAC
Output voltage 12 VDC
Heat radiation Natural air-cooling
Construction Covered type
Terminal type Screw terminal
Structure Terminal blocks
Mounting type Bottom-mounting

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  • Ratings / Performance
Power rating30 W
Efficiency79 % min.
Rated input voltage100 to 240 VAC
Allowable input voltage variable range85 to 265 VAC
Frequency50/60 Hz (47 to 63 Hz)
Rated input curren0.9 A max.
0.45 A max.
Leakage current0.4 mA max. (at 100 VAC input)
0.75 mA max. (at 200 VAC input)
Inrush current17.5 A max.
35 A max.
Output voltage12 VDC
Output voltage variable range-20 to +20% (With V. ADJ)
Ripple1.5 %(p-p) max.
Static input variation influence0.4% max. at 85 to 265 VAC input, 100% load
Static load variation influence0.8% max. at rated input, 0 to 100% load
Ambient temperature variation influence0.02 %/℃ max. (At rated input/output voltage)
Rated output current2.5 A
Start up time1100 ms max.
Hold time20 ms TYP. (at rated input)
Overload protection105% to 160% of the rated output current, Gradual current increase/voltage drop, Intermittent operation, Automatic reset
Overvoltage protectionOperated at 140% min. of the rated output voltage, Shut-off
Resetting: Reset the power by turning it back (OFF time: at least 3 min)
Undervoltage alarm outputNo
Power failure alarm outputNo
Parallel operationNo (However, backup operation is possible; external diodes required.)
Series operationYes (Up to 2 Power Supplies with external diode)
Remote sensing functionNo
Remote control functionNo
Dielectric strengthBetween all inputs and all outputs: 3 kVAC for 1 min (Detection current: 20 mA)
Between all inputs and PE/FG terminals: 2 kVAC for 1 min (Detection current: 20 mA)
Between all outputs and PE/FG terminals: 500 VAC for 1 min (Detection current: 100 mA)
Insulation resistanceBetween all outputs and all inputs/ PE/FG terminals: 100 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Vibration resistance10 to 55 Hz, 0.375 mm single amplitude in each 3 directions for 2 hours
Shock resistance150 m/s**2, in each 6 directions 3 times
Output indicatorYes (color: green)
Heat radiationNatural air-cooling
ConstructionCovered type
StructureTerminal blocks
Terminal typeScrew terminal

Do not use the Inverter output for the Power Supply. Inverters with an output frequency of 50/60 Hz are available, but the rise in the internal temperature of the Power Supply may result in ignition or burning.

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Switch Mode Power Supply (15/30/50/100/150/300/600/1,500-W Models)


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