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E3JK-DS30M1 2M

Built-in Power Supply Photoelectric Sensor

CG Image [3D-CAD]

Diffuse Reflective Type , Pre-Wired Type , Sensing Distance 300 mm , Light-ON Output , Relay Output

about this Product Family

Sensing method Diffuse-reflective
Sensing distance 0 mm to 300 mm (White paper 100*100mm)
Differential distance 20% Max. of sensing distance
Light source Infrared LED (950nm)
Power supply voltage 12 to 240 VDC -10% to 10% (ripple(p-p) :10% Max.)
24 to 240 VAC -10% to 10%
Power consumption 2W DC Max.
2W AC Max.
Control output (Output type) Relay output
Control output (Load current) 0 to 3 A
Life expectancy (relay output) Electrical: 100 thousand times or more(switching frequency 1800 times/hour)
Mechanical: 50 million times or more(switching frequency 18000 times/hour)
Operation mode Light-ON
Load power supply voltage 5 VDC Min.
250 VAC Max.
Response time 30 ms Max.
Sensitivity setting Single-turn adjustment
Ambient illuminance Incandescent lamp:3000 lux Max.
Ambient temperature Operating: -25 to 55 CEL
Storage: -30 to 70 CEL
(with no icing or condensation)
Ambient humidity Operating: 45 to 85 %RH
Storage: 35 to 95 %RH
(with no condensation)
Insulation resistance 20 M OHM Min. at 500 VDC between charged parts and the case
Dielectric strength 1500 VAC at 50/60 Hz for 1 minute between charged parts and the case
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude for 2 hours each in X, Y, and Z directions
Shock resistance 500m/s2 for 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Degree of protection IEC60529: IP64
Applicable standard (EC Directive (Low Voltage Directive)) EN60947-5-2
Applicable standard (EC Directive (EMC Directive)) EMI: EN60947-5-2
Emission Enclosure: EN55011 Group 1 class A
EMS: EN60947-5-2
Immunity ESD: IEC61000-4-2
Immunity RF-interference: IEC61000-4-3
Immunity Burst: IEC61000-4-4
CE marking: Equipped
Applicable standard (CCC mark) Equipped
Connection method Pre-wired models (Cable length: 2 m)
Indicator Light indicator(red)
Weight (packed state) approx. 250 g
Material (case) ABS
Material (lens) Methacrylate resin
Material (mounting bracket) Iron
Accessories Instruction manual, Mounting bracket(with screws), Nut

All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.

Sensing object size vs. setting distance

Excess gain ratio vs. setting distance