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Digital Timer

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48*48 mm (1/16 DIN) , Economy Type , 11-Pin Socket , Transistor Output

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Rated supply voltage 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Operating voltage range 85% to 110% of rated supply voltage
Power consumption Approx. 6.2 VA
Note: Inrush current will flow for a short time when the power supply is turned ON. Inrush Current (Reference Values)
5.3 A (peak value) (Applied voltage: 264 VAC, Time: 0.4 ms ms)
Time ranges (Number of ranges) 10
Time ranges 0.001 s to 9.999 s, 0.01 s to 99.99 s, 0.1 s to 999.9 s, 1 s to 9999 s, 0.1 min to 999.9 min, 1 min to 9999 min, 0.1 h to 999.9 h, 1 h to 9999 h, 1s to 99min59s, 1min to 99h59min
Select method Operation Key
Input signals Signal, Reset
Input method No-voltage input
No-voltage input (Solid state input) ON impedance: 1 kOhm max.
Leakage current: Approx. 12 mA
ON residual voltage: 3 V max.
OFF impedance: 100 kOhm min.
(The DC voltage must be 30 VDC max.)
No-voltage input (Contact input) Use contact which can adequately switch 5 mA at 10 V
(The DC voltage must be 30 VDC max.)
No-voltage input (Applicable two-wire sensor) Leakage current: 1.5 mA max.
Switching capacity: 5 mA min.
Residual voltage: 3.0 VDC max.
Operating voltage: 10 VDC
Minimum input signal width 1 ms/ 20 ms (Switchable) (Signal, Reset)
Standby time 250 ms max. (Control output is turned OFF and no input is accepted during sensor waiting time.)
Output modes A (Signal ON delay 1), A-1 (Signal ON delay 2), A-2 (Power ON delay 1), A-3 (Power ON delay 2), b (Repeat cycle 1), b-1 (Repeat cycle 2), d (Signal OFF delay), E (Interval), F (Cumulative), Z (ON/OFF-duty adjustable flicker), S (Stopwatch), toff (Flicker OFF start 1), ton (Flicker ON start 1), toff-1 (Flicker OFF start 2), ton-1 (Flicker ON start 2)
Control output (Solid state output) Transistor output (NPN open collector)
Switching capacities: 100 mA max. 30 VDC max.
Residual voltage: 1.5 V (Ability: Approx. 1 V)
Leakage current: 0.1 mA
One-shot output time 0.01 to 99.99 s
Reset system Power reset(A,A-1,A-2,b,d,E,Z,S,ton,toff mode), Automatic reset(A-1,b,b-1,d,E,Z,ton,toff,S,ton-1,toff-1 mode), External reset, Manual reset
Power reset Minimum power-opening time: 0.5 s (except for A-3, b-1, F, ton-1 and toff-1 mode)
Timer mode Elapsed time (UP) and remaining time (DOWN) (selectable)
Display method 7-segment negative transmissive LCD
Digit 4 digit
Character height Present value: 12 mm (Red)
Zero suppression: Equipped
Set value: 6 (Green)
Key protect Method Key protect Switch
Memory backup methods EEP-ROM (Number of rewite: 100000 times min., Service life: 10 years min.)
Ambient temperature Operating: -10 to 55 ℃ When mount timer side by side: -10 to 50 CEL (with no icing or condensation)
Storage: -25 to 70 ℃ (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient humidity Operating: 25 to 85% RH
Storage: 25 to 85% RH
Total accuracy Accuracy of operating time and setting error (including temperature and voltage influences)
Power-ON start: +/- 0.01% +/- 50 ms max.
Signal start: +/- 0.005% +/- 3 ms max. (The value is applied for a minimum pulse width of 1 ms.)
The values are based on the set value.
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
between current carrying metal parts and exposed non-current carrying metal parts, between non-continuous contacts
Dielectric strength between current-carrying metal parts and non-curernt-carrying metal parts: 2000 V
between operating power circuit and input circuit: 2000 V
between input and control output and operation power circuit: 2000 V
between non-continuous contacts: 1000 V
Impulse withstand voltage between power terminals: 5 kV
between current-carrying terminals and exposed non-curernt-carrying metal parts: 5 kV
Noise immunity Between power terminals: +/- 1.5 kV
Between input terminals: +/- 600 V
Square-wave noise by noise simulator (Pulse width: 100 ns/1 us, Rise: 1-ns)
Static immunity Mulfunction: 8 kV ,Destruction: 15 kV
Vibration resistance (Destruction) 10 to 55 Hz, 0.75 mm single amplitude in each 3 directions for 2 hours
Vibration resistance (Malfunction) 10 to 55 Hz 0.35 mm single amplitude in each 3 directions for 10 min
Shock resistance (Destruction) 300 m/s**2, in each 6 directions (3 axes) 3 times
Shock resistance (Malfunction) 100 m/s**2, in each 6 directions (3 axes) 3 times
Degree of protection IEC60529(JEM): Panel surface: IEC IP66, UL508 Type 4X (indoors) (when using the Y92S-29 Waterproof Packing and Y92F-30 Flush Mounting Adapter), Case rear: IP40, Terminal block: IP20
Applicable standard (UL) Standard No.: UL508
File number: E41515
Applicable standard (CSA) Standard No.: CSA C22.2 No.14
File number: LR22310
Applicable standard (VDE) VDE0106/P100
Applicable standard (EC Directive (Machinery Directive) ) EN61812-1
Applicable standard (EC Directive (Low Voltage Directive) ) EN61812-1
Applicable standard (EC Directive (EMC Directive) ) EMI: EN61812-1
Emission Enclosure: EN55011 Group 1 class A
Emission AC mains: EN55011 Group 1 class A
EMS: EN61812-1
Immunity ESD: EN61000-4-2
RF-interference: EN61000-4-3
Immunity Conducted Disturbance: EN61000-4-6
Immunity Burst: EN61000-4-4
Immunity Surge: IEC61000-4-11
Mounting method Flush mounting / Surface mounting
External connection method 8-pin round socket
Case color Black (Munsell N1.5) (The front part can be changed to light gray or white in sold separately panel)
Accessory (sold separately) Soft Cover (Y92A-48F1)
Hard Cover (Y92A-48)
Flush Mounting Adapter (Y92F-30)
Flush Mounting Adapter (Y92F-45)
Waterproof Packing (Y92S-29)
Replacement Front Panel (Y92P-CXT4S)
Replacement Front Panel (Y92P-CXT4G)
Replacement Front Panel (Y92P-CXT4B)
Weight (Main) Approx. 115 g

All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.

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