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Digital Timer

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48*48 mm (1/16 DIN) , Standard Type , 11-Pin Socket , Supply Voltage DC

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Rated supply voltage 24 VAC 50/60 Hz
12 to 24 VDC Permissible ripple: 20% max.
Operating voltage range 85% to 110% of rated supply voltage (90% to 110% at 12 VDC)
Power consumption Approx. 5.1 VA (at 24 VAC)
Approx. 2.4 W (at 24 VDC)
Note: Inrush current will flow for a short time when the power supply is turned ON. Inrush Current (Reference Values)
9.5 A (peak value) (Applied voltage: 26.4 VAC, Time: 1.4 ms ms)
6.6 A (peak value) (Applied voltage: 26.4 VDC, Time: 1.7 ms ms)
Time ranges (Number of ranges) 10
Time ranges 0.001 s to 9.999 s, 0.01 s to 99.99 s, 0.1 s to 999.9 s, 1 s to 9999 s, 0.1 min to 999.9 min, 1 min to 9999 min, 0.1 h to 999.9 h, 1 h to 9999 h, 1s to 99min59s, 1min to 99h59min
Select method Dip switch or Operation Key
Input signals Signal, Gate, Reset
Input method No-voltage/Voltage input (Switchable)
No-voltage input (Solid state input) ON impedance: 1 kOhm max.
Leakage current: Approx. 12 mA
ON residual voltage: 3 V max.
OFF impedance: 100 kOhm min.
(The DC voltage must be 30 VDC max.)
No-voltage input (Contact input) Use contact which can adequately switch 5 mA at 10 V
(The DC voltage must be 30 VDC max.)
No-voltage input (Applicable two-wire sensor) Leakage current: 1.5 mA max.
Switching capacity: 5 mA min.
Residual voltage: 3.0 VDC max.
Operating voltage: 10 VDC
Voltage input High level: 4.5 to 30 VDC
Low level: 0 to 2 VDC
Input resistance: 4.7 kOhm
(The DC voltage must be 30 VDC max.)
Minimum input signal width 1 ms/ 20 ms (Switchable) (Signal, Reset, Gate)
Standby time 250 ms max. (Control output is turned OFF and no input is accepted during sensor waiting time.)
Output modes A (Signal ON delay 1), A-1 (Signal ON delay 2), A-2 (Power ON delay 1), A-3 (Power ON delay 2), b (Repeat cycle 1), b-1 (Repeat cycle 2), d (Signal OFF delay), E (Interval), F (Cumulative), Z (ON/OFF-duty adjustable flicker), S (Stopwatch), toff (Flicker OFF start 1), ton (Flicker ON start 1), toff-1 (Flicker OFF start 2), ton-1 (Flicker ON start 2)
Control output (Contact output) Type: SPDT
Switching capacities (Resistive load): 5 A at 250 VAC/30 VDC
Minimum applicable load: 10 mA at 5 VDC (failure level: P)
One-shot output time 0.01 to 99.99 s
Reset system Power reset(A,A-1,A-2,b,d,E,Z,S,ton,toff mode), Automatic reset(A-1,b,b-1,d,E,Z,ton,toff,S,ton-1,toff-1 mode), External reset, Manual reset
Power reset Minimum power-opening time: 0.5 s (except for A-3, b-1, F, ton-1 and toff-1 mode)
Timer mode Elapsed time (UP) and remaining time (DOWN) (selectable)
Display method 7-segment negative transmissive LCD
Digit 4 digit
Character height Present value: 12 mm (Red)
Zero suppression: Equipped
Set value: 6 (Green)
Key protect Method Key protect Switch
Memory backup methods EEP-ROM (Number of rewite: 100000 times min., Service life: 10 years min.)
Ambient temperature Operating: -10 to 55 ℃ When mount timer side by side: -10 to 50 CEL (with no icing or condensation)
Storage: -25 to 70 ℃ (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient humidity Operating: 25 to 85% RH
Storage: 25 to 85% RH
Total accuracy Accuracy of operating time and setting error (including temperature and voltage influences)
Power-ON start: +/- 0.01% +/- 50 ms max.
Signal start: +/- 0.005% +/- 30 ms max.
The values are based on the set value.
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
between current carrying metal parts and exposed non-current carrying metal parts, between non-continuous contacts
Dielectric strength between current-carrying metal parts and non-curernt-carrying metal parts: 2000 V
between input and control output and operation power circuit: 2000 V
between non-continuous contacts: 1000 V
Impulse withstand voltage between power terminals: 1.0 kV
between current-carrying terminals and exposed non-curernt-carrying metal parts: 1.5 kV
Noise immunity Between power terminals: +/- 1.5 kV
Between input terminals: +/- 600 V
Square-wave noise by noise simulator (Pulse width: 100 ns/1 us, Rise: 1-ns)
Static immunity Mulfunction: 8 kV ,Destruction: 15 kV
Vibration resistance (Destruction) 10 to 55 Hz, 0.75 mm single amplitude in each 3 directions for 2 hours
Vibration resistance (Malfunction) 10 to 55 Hz 0.35 mm single amplitude in each 3 directions for 10 min
Shock resistance (Destruction) 300 m/s**2, in each 6 directions (3 axes) 3 times
Shock resistance (Malfunction) 100 m/s**2, in each 6 directions (3 axes) 3 times
Mechanical life 10000000 operations min. (under no load at 1800 operations/h)
Electrical life 100000 operations min. (5 A at 250 VAC resistive load at 1800 operations/h)
Degree of protection IEC60529(JEM): Panel surface: IEC IP66, UL508 Type 4X (indoors) (when using the Y92S-29 Waterproof Packing and Y92F-30 Flush Mounting Adapter), Case rear: IP40, Terminal block: IP20
Applicable standard (UL) Standard No.: UL508
File number: E41515
Applicable standard (CSA) Standard No.: CSA C22.2 No.14
File number: LR22310
Applicable standard (VDE) VDE0106/P100
Applicable standard (EC Directive (Machinery Directive) ) EN61812-1
Applicable standard (EC Directive (Low Voltage Directive) ) EN61812-1
Applicable standard (EC Directive (EMC Directive) ) EMI: EN61812-1
Emission Enclosure: EN55011 Group 1 class A
Emission AC mains: EN55011 Group 1 class A
EMS: EN61812-1
Immunity ESD: EN61000-4-2
RF-interference: EN61000-4-3
Immunity Conducted Disturbance: EN61000-4-6
Immunity Burst: EN61000-4-4
Immunity Surge: IEC61000-4-11
Mounting method Flush mounting / Surface mounting
External connection method 11-pin round socket
Case color Black (Munsell N1.5) (The front part can be changed to light gray or white in sold separately panel)
Attachment Label for DIP switch settings
Accessory (sold separately) Soft Cover (Y92A-48F1)
Hard Cover (Y92A-48)
Flush Mounting Adapter (Y92F-30)
Flush Mounting Adapter (Y92F-45)
Waterproof Packing (Y92S-29)
Replacement Front Panel (Y92P-CXT4S)
Replacement Front Panel (Y92P-CXT4G)
Replacement Front Panel (Y92P-CXT4B)
Weight (Main) Approx. 115 g

All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.

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