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Achieves Low-cost Chemical Level Control

Case Number 100

last update: November 6, 2009

This application uses an inexpensive pipe-mounting Liquid Level Photomicrosensor with Built-in Amplifier.
This Sensor uses difference in the refractive index between liquid and air in pipes to enable detecting the presence of liquid in the pipes.


It was difficult to achieve a low-cost chemical level control. Also, you had to take sufficient precautions for the powder release agent of the cables that are used in clean rooms.

Benefit / Efficiency

The sensor achieves liquid level control using 6- to 13-mm-diameter transparent or semi-transparent pipes with a wall thickness of 1 mm.

You can use a clean (with no powder release agent) cable that is ideal for equipment used in clean rooms.

Use Products

EE-SPX613 Pipe-mounting Liquid Level Photomicrosensor with Built-in Amplifier EE-SPX613

Liquid Level Photomicrosensor with operation mode and sensitivity selectors for easy application.