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Detects Two Pallets of Canned Beer Inserted Together

Case Number 103

last update: April 13, 2015

This application uses a Fiber Sensor with Long-distance Lens.
This Fiber Sensor with a Long-distance Lens enables detecting changes in the height caused by two pallets for canned beers being inserted together.


Conventional fiber sensors did not have a strong passing light that could penetrate beer pallets.

Benefit / Efficiency

Mounting a Long-distance Lens Unit to the Fiber Sensor provides enough light intensity to penetrate the beer pallets. The Sensor provides stable detection because of the large difference in the amount of transmitted light between one and two pallets.

Applied Models

E32-TC200 + E39-F1 + E3NX-FA

Use Products

E32 Series Fiber Sensors E32 Series

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