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RFIDs Used to Manage Color Filter Manufacturing

Case Number 197

last update: April 19, 2011

Work instructions are stored in RFID Tags (IC tags) that are attached to cassettes.
Work instructions include quality information, process instructions, process completion information, PCB information, and inspection results.
The necessary information is read from RFID Tags (IC tags) when required.


Information is written to the RFID Tags (IC tags), which is not possible with bar codes.

RFID Tags (IC tags) provide excellent environmental resistance, including water resistance, chemical resistance, and long service life.

Benefit / Efficiency

Systems are simpler because less interaction with management computers is required in comparison with production systems that use bar codes.

They provide highly reliable reading and writing, which eliminates line stoppages caused by errors.

RFID Tags (IC tags) contribute to higher yield without problems such as particles because they use non-contact communications.

In contrast to bar code labels, there is no need for maintenance such as replacement, and this reduces running costs.

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