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QR Codes for Automobile Parts

Case Number 203

last update: April 1, 2008

For quality control, important components affecting safety are physically managed by attaching 2-dimensional code labels to them.
For example, when assembling engines, the 2-dimensional code of the part is read and linked to the engine number, and this data is stored in a database for history management.


Parts data (serial number, degree of protection, etc.) is written into a 2-dimensional code, so a large amount of information can be added in a small space.
Inexpensive and ideal for reading codes printed onto paper or labels.
The system is ultracompact, so it can be installed in a wide variety of locations.

Benefit / Efficiency

When a recall occurs, the applicable vehicles can be accurately found, without missing any, to minimize recall costs.
This provides basic information for analyzing problems, and makes it possible to quickly determine the cause.

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