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Reading 2-dimensional Codes on Metallic Parts

Case Number 206

last update: April 1, 2008

For quality control, important components affecting safety are physically managed by inscribing them with 2-dimensional codes.
For example, when assembling engines, the 2-dimensional code is read and linked to the engine number, and this data is stored in a database for history management.


The handheld reader is ideal for use in cell production processes.
The monitor allows 2-dimensional code data to be read on-site.

Benefit / Efficiency

When a recall occurs, the applicable vehicles can be accurately found, without missing any, to minimize recall costs.
This provides basic information for analyzing problems, and makes it possible to quickly determine the cause.

Use Products

V400-H Handheld 2D Code Reader V400-H

A New Handy Reader Capable of Reading Directly Marked Codes