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Sheet-feed Control for Liquid Crystal Glass Substrates

Case Number 208

last update: April 1, 2008

Two-dimensional codes containing product information, lot information, serial numbers, etc., are printed directly onto LCD substrates using an exposure device or laser marker, and the 2-dimensional codes are read at each process.
In locations where people are involved, a handheld reader is used.


The handheld reader is ideal for use in cell production processes.
Three-color (red, green, blue) coaxial LED illumination enables even workpieces that are covered with a film to be read.
The monitor allows 2-dimensional code data to be read on-site.

Benefit / Efficiency

Individual substrates can be managed for more accurate history management.

Use Products

V400-H Handheld 2D Code Reader V400-H

A New Handy Reader Capable of Reading Directly Marked Codes