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Random Sampling of Electronic Components in a Clean Room

Case Number 209

last update: April 1, 2008

Two-dimensional codes containing product information, such as serial numbers and feature values, are printed onto components by direct marking.
This data is read during inspections, and saved onto an SD card together with the inspection results.
When the work is completed, the saved log is transferred to a database.


By writing product information into 2-dimensional codes, a large amount of data can be written in a small amount of space.
The handheld reader is ideal for use in cell production processes.
The monitor and SD card slot make it possible to check data and save logs without having to bring a laptop computer into the Clean Room.

Benefit / Efficiency

Accurately controlling the product's inspection results allows a fast response to be made in the event of a recall.
This helps to minimize the amount of equipment brought into the Clean Room and prevents the degree of cleanness from being reduced.

Use Products

V400-H Handheld 2D Code Reader V400-H

A New Handy Reader Capable of Reading Directly Marked Codes