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RFIDs Used to Manage Chip Components in Mounters

Case Number 213

last update: April 19, 2011

RFID Tags (IC tags) are attached to cassette racks. When a cassette rack is installed in the mounter, the cassette information and positional information stored in the RFID Tag (IC tag) are read by the Antenna on the mounter to see if the cassette is correct.


Not bar codes, but RFID Tags (IC tags) are used to perform automatic verification when a cassette rack is installed. In contrast to bar codes, RFID Tags (IC tags) are not affected by dirt.

Benefit / Efficiency

This enables reliable verification of the parts in the cassette rack with the parts for mounting. This prevents mistakes and reduces loss costs.

The information in the RFID Tag (IC tag) is easily overwritten to change the combination of cassettes inserted in the cassette rack.

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