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Accurately Detects Glass Even Where Cleaning Liquids Are Present in a Wet Process

Case Number 266

last update: October 27, 2009

This application uses a Fiber Sensor that resists cleaning liquids and a Fiber Amplifier that eliminates the effects of drops of water.
This Fiber Sensor detects passage of glass substrates in the cleaning process of glass substrates. This Sensor resists cleaning liquids and does not need mechanical adjustments to enable easy positioning adjustments with glass in a wide detection area. A special Fiber Sensor that mounts the new "Tough Mode" eliminating interference from water droplets enables stable detection that resists the spray of liquids.


Sensors that easily mounted without being affected by cleaning liquids in the wet process were not available.

Also, sensors that were influenced by droplets could not provide stable detection.

Benefit / Efficiency

You can easily mount this Fiber Sensor that does not need mechanical adjustment and has a wide detection area.

The "droplets cancellation mode" of the Fiber Amplifier eliminate the effects of droplets to ensure stable detection.

Use Products

E32-L11FP / L1[]FS, E3X-DA[][]TG-S Wet Process Sensor E32-L11FP / L1[]FS, E3X-DA[][]TG-S

Stable Detection of Glass in Wet Processes. Non-contact Operation Simplifies Mounting and Maintenance.