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Monitoring Temperature of Continuous Firing of Electronic Components

Case Number 286

last update: February 19, 2009

Ideal for temperature monitoring of multi-point heaters

With an EJ1 Modular Temperature Controller, it is easy to perform integrated processing for temperature monitoring and high-precision control with multi-point heaters in simple, waste-free systems.


Communications between an EJ1 and PLC can be performed without programming communications in the ladder diagrams. Connect communications with the PLC using up to 1,024 input points.

Benefit / Efficiency

Work for communications programming with the PLC is reduced because communications with the PLC are performed without programming. Because the Temperature Controller is modular, waste-free systems can be built even for high-precision integrated processing.

Use Products

EJ1 Modular Temperature Controller EJ1

In-panel Temperature Controller with Flexible Modular Design and Wide Integration with Host Devices