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Pressure Monitoring inside Tanks

Case Number 289

last update: July 7, 2009

A Process Indicator monitors the pressure inside tanks and a CPU Unit performs centralized monitoring.
A K3HB-X Process Indicator converts the output of the pressure sensor to a pressure, and displays the value. Also, the K3HB-X sends linear output data to the CPU Unit to perform centralized monitoring.


A Pressure Sensor and a K3HB-X Process Indicator, which are ideal to measure and judge analog quantities, enable monitoring at the worksite and centralized management.

Benefit / Efficiency

The pressure inside a tank at the worksite is monitored and management is performed at a centralized location to improve production quality.

Use Products

K3HB-X Process Indicator K3HB-X

A Process Indicator Ideal for Discriminating and Displaying Measurements for Voltage/Current Signals