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Measuring Dust Discharge Quantities

Case Number 292

last update: July 7, 2009

You use a Digital Panel Indicator to monitor the quantity of dust that is discharged into the atmosphere from a pulverizer.
The K3HB Process Indicator measures the amount of dust that is discharged into the atmosphere. It does this with a current input of 4 to 20 mA for the change in the light that is transmitted to the Analog Photoelectric Sensor. The system outputs an error if the set value is exceeded.


The system uses a K3HB-X Process Indicator, which is ideal to measure and judge analog quantities. The K3HB-X Process Indicator converts the transmissive amount of the Analog Photoelectric Sensor.

Benefit / Efficiency

It is easy to monitor for large-scale discharge of dust into the atmosphere.

Use Products

K3HB-X Process Indicator K3HB-X

A Process Indicator Ideal for Discriminating and Displaying Measurements for Voltage/Current Signals