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Detects Transparent LCD Substrate Mapping

Case Number 3

last update: November 4, 2009

This application uses a Line-beam Laser Photoelectric Sensor. 

This Line-beam Diffuse-reflective Laser Sensor is ideal for detecting the edges of transparent LCD substrates.
You can install a Laser Photoelectric Sensor away from the workpieces.


A sensor with a minute spot was previously used in applications to detect individual transparent LCD substrates with a narrow pitch. Transparent LCD substrates that fluctuated in position prevented stable detection from the sensor, which caused minor line stoppages.

Benefit / Efficiency

Using a Line-beam Diffuse-reflective Laser Photoelectric Sensor enables judging detection as an plane. It ensures stable detection of workpieces that fluctuate in position.

Applied Models

E3C-LD21 + E3C-LDA

Use Products

E3C-LDA Photoelectric Sensor with Separate Digital Amplifier (Laser-type) E3C-LDA

Variable Laser Beam for Spot, Line, or Area Detection