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Load Measurement Control for Weighing Mixers

Case Number 300

last update: July 7, 2009

This application outputs the measurement from a load cell of a weighing hopper and controls the hopper.
The K3HB-V Weighing Indicator is compatible with a load cell signal input. It measures and displays the load cell outputs for the measurement hopper of the weight mixer. The system then transfers the control output to the PLC to control the hopper.


The system uses a K3HB-V Weighing Indicator, which is compatible with a load cell signal input.

Benefit / Efficiency

You can perform ideal control for weighing mixers.

Use Products

K3HB-V Weighing Indicator K3HB-V

An Ideal Indicator for OK/NG Judgements in Automated and Picking Machines, Measuring Factors such as Pressure, Load, Torque, and Weight Using Load Cell Signal Input.