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Pressure Control for Pressure Equipment

Case Number 302

last update: July 7, 2009

This application measures the pressure on a workpiece with a load cell.
The system detects the pressure of a press fitting machine with a load cell. The load cell and the K3HB-V Weighing Indicator measure and display the values. Selectable green and red display colors enable judging the operation display at a glance. Control uses a set value.


The system uses a K3HB-V Weighing Indicator, which is compatible with a load cell signal input. Select from red or green for the display color.

Benefit / Efficiency

Find the pressure of a press fitting machine at a glance.

Use Products

K3HB-V Weighing Indicator K3HB-V

An Ideal Indicator for OK/NG Judgements in Automated and Picking Machines, Measuring Factors such as Pressure, Load, Torque, and Weight Using Load Cell Signal Input.