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Speed Display for Reflow Cleaning Equipment

Case Number 303

last update: July 23, 2009

A Proximity Sensor detects the speed of reflow cleaning equipment. A Rotary Pulse Indicator converts and displays the values.

An E2E Proximity Sensor detects the conveyor rotation of reflow cleaning equipment. A K3HB-R Rotary Pulse Indicator measures the input frequency. The circumferential speed is displayed in m/min proportional to the input frequency.


The system uses a K3HB-R Digital Rotary/Pulse Indicator, which can perform high-speed measurement at 50 kHz.

Benefit / Efficiency

You can see the speed of reflow cleaning equipment at a glance.

Use Products

K3HB-R Rotary Pulse Indicator K3HB-R

Digital Rotary Pulse Meter Capable of 50 kHz Measurements