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Temperature Monitoring for Power Generators and Motor Bearings

Case Number 312

last update: July 7, 2009

This application measures the bearings with a temperature sensor and monitors the measurements with a Digital Temperature Indicator.

The E52 Temperature Sensor detects the generator or motor bearings. The two selectable display colors (green and red) let you see the operation status trends with the position meter on the K3HB-H Temperature Indicator. The communications output sends data to the computer to monitor for abnormal heat generation.


The system uses a Temperature Indicator with two selectable display colors (green and red) and a position meter that makes it easy to intuitively see the status using a bar chart.

Benefit / Efficiency

You can see the bearing temperature change at a glance.

Use Products

K3HB-H Temperature Indicator K3HB-H

New High-speed, High-precision Temperature Indicator