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Measuring Temperature Changes in Copy Machine Rollers,

Case Number 315

last update: July 8, 2009

An Infrared Sensor measures the roller surface temperature to monitor the temperature change.

An ES1B Infrared Temperature Sensor detects the roller surface temperature. A Digital Temperature Indicator displays and measures the values. Effective use of the multilevel outputs according to temperature changes enables inspection of roller characteristics.


The system uses two selectable display colors (green and red) and a Temperature Indicator with a position meter that makes it easy to intuitively see the status using a bar chart.

Benefit / Efficiency

You can see the roller temperature at a glance with an Infrared Sensor. The use of multilevel outputs according to the temperature enables inspection of the characteristics.

Use Products

K3HB-H Temperature Indicator K3HB-H

New High-speed, High-precision Temperature Indicator