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RFIDs Used to Manage Construction Equipment Rental

Case Number 324

last update: April 18, 2011

The introduction of robust RFIDs (IC tags) improves management efficiency for rental of construction equipment.

RFID Tags (IC tags) that are attached to rental earthwork and construction equipment enable the identification and management of the status of rental equipment.
When lent out, order data created on a computer is transferred to a mobile PDA. Order data and equipment data are associated.
When the equipment is returned, PDAs are used to match order data to RFID Tag (IC tag) data.


Bar codes are not suitable for use with earthwork equipment because they easily become dirty due to cement and other materials.

Shock-resistant RFID Tags (IC tags) are effective for such equipment because different equipment may be stacked for shipping or storage.

RFID Tags (IC tags) that are attached to metal are effective on equipment with metal chassis.

Benefit / Efficiency

This prevents errors in combinations of equipment when it is transported.

When equipment is returned, it is easy to confirm that the item that was lent is returned.

Management of equipment history enables checking defective items and clarifies calibration and maintenance periods. Preparation for lending equipment is more efficient.

The man hours required for taking inventory is reduced.

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