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RFIDs for In-process Inventory of Engines

Case Number 326

last update: April 18, 2011

RFID Tags (IC tags) are used to manage in-process inventory information on engines transported between plants.

An RFID system is used to obtain traceability information for the management of in-process inventory of engines.
RFID systems are introduced to exchange and associate data for engine plants and body plants.
Information is managed on host equipment to enable the management of in-process inventory of engines and automation of data collection.


RFID Tags (IC tags) are attached to trays that contain engines. When the trays are placed inside or removed from stockers with a forklift, the Antenna on the stocker and the RFID Tag (IC tag) on the tray read and write data.

Benefit / Efficiency

The use of RFIDs enables automatically reading and writing data, and this reduces man-hours compared with reading bar codes manually.

Incorrect installation of engines due to careless mistakes is eliminated because data is exchanged between plants.

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