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RFIDs Used to Manage the Lens Module Manufacturing Process

Case Number 328

last update: April 18, 2011

Compact RFID Tags (IC tags) enable production lot management of lens modules.

RFID Tags (IC tags) are attached to special pallets that carry lens modules. Product information, lot information, pallet position information, instructions for each process, process completion flags, and instructions for the next process are written to RFID Tags (IC tags).
Information in RFID Tags (IC tags) is read by the Antennas installed on the equipment in each process, and processing and inspections are performed based upon this information. Pass/fail information from inspection results is written in the inspection process.
In the final process, all information in the RFID Tags (IC tags) is read, and stored and managed in the administration computer as lot management data.
In the final cleaning process, the number of times a special pallet is used is counted to manage its service life.


RFID Tags (IC tags) with excellent environmental resistance are required because the cleaning process takes place once every cycle.

Due to the lack of space in pallets, compact RFID Tags (IC tags) with a diameter of 8 mm and a height of 5 mm are required.

A Compact Antenna is also used because of the limited space on equipment.

Benefit / Efficiency

The type and specifications of lens modules on special pallets is checked in automated lines.

Many different models are identified.

Information on each process is collected by a pallet to determine the lens performance factors.

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