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Ideal for Increasing the Control Performance of Industrial Hot Air Blowers

Case Number 330

last update: December 8, 2009

This Temperature Controller provides the performance that is needed for industrial hot air blowers and it also enables downsizing.

Displays are possible below the decimal point even for temperatures above 1,000°C.
You can switch between three colors to clearly show the current status.


The size is 48 x 48 mm.

A five-digit display enables displays below the decimal point even for temperatures above 1,000°C

You can change the display color.

Benefit / Efficiency

This Temperature Controller is ideal for equipment downsizing.

The advance model enables improved control performance.

Use Products

E5CN-H Advanced Digital Temperature Controller (48 x 48 mm) E5CN-H

A New High-performance Controller: High Resolution, High Speed, and High Input Accuracy. Logic Operations and Preventive Maintenance Function.