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Accurately Detects Automobiles in Parking Lots

Case Number 35

last update: April 3, 2017

This application uses a Photoelectric Sensor with a Built-in Amplifier. 

This Retroreflective Photoelectric Sensor with a sensing distance of 10 meters accurately detects automobiles in parking lots.


Conventional retroreflective photoelectric sensors did not have a long enough detection distance.

Benefit / Efficiency

Enables long-distance detection of automobiles in multistory parking lots.

Built-in Power Supply Photoelectric Sensor

Applied Models

E3JK-RN12(+E39-R2) or

Use Products

E3JK (NEW) Built-in Power Supply Photoelectric Sensor E3JK (NEW)

Long-distance Photoelectric Sensor That Supports AC/DC Power Supplies