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Sprinkler System Control

Case Number 350

last update: October 7, 2010

Bit Logic, Weekly Timer, and Calendar Timer Application

You can change watering times as shown below in the examples to match the hours of sunlight.

Water at 4:00 from May to July
Water at 5:00 from August to October
Water at 6:00 from November to January
Water at 5:00 from February to April


At these times, sprinkler valve 1 turns ON for 10 minutes. Next, sprinkler valve 2 turns ON for 10 minutes. Finally, sprinkler valve 3 turns ON for 10 minutes.

Benefit / Efficiency

It is possible to automatically control the calendar timer and the weekly timer with a ZEN alone. Because individual wiring is not necessary, you can reduce the wiring time greatly.

Use Products

ZEN V2 Programmable Relay ZEN V2

Even Broader Applications with Increased Functionality and Higher Precision