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Precisely Detects and Counts PET Bottles

Case Number 4

last update: November 4, 2009

This application uses a Sensor with a new detection method for PET bottles. 

This Sensor features a new PET-bottle detection method that does not depend on the shape, position, transparency, or contents of the PET bottles.
This Sensor provides stress-free application with a new detection method and enhanced environmental resistance against chemicals.


A sensor with the conventional sensing method had a limited detecting capability to ensure stable detection of PET bottles. It could not detect some PET bottles. When you cleaned facilities, you had to take care that the sensor was not subjected to chemical spray.

Benefit / Efficiency

The optical system with a special polarized filter has at least three times less attenuation of light caused by PET bottles than conventional sensors. It enables stable detection of PET bottles.

The Sensor uses stainless SUS316L with excellent resistance to corrosion and a special plastic with excellent resistance to chemicals. It is ideal for places that require cleaning with water of high temperature and high pressure.

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