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Detects Metal Cassettes in Liquid Chemical Tanks with Chemical Spray

Case Number 44

last update: November 6, 2009

This application uses a Proximity Sensor with a fluororesin casing.<br/>Detect only SUS cassettes through the vinyl chloride resin of a tank to enable detecting the position of cassettes immersed in a liquid chemical in the tank. This Sensor uses a fluororesin with resistance to chemicals to enable applications in harsh environments where liquid chemicals are sprayed.


Sprayed liquid chemicals could damage conventional sensors enclosed in plastic or metal casing over long-term application.

Benefit / Efficiency

The use of an all-fluororesin casing ensures stable operation for a long time because it prevents damage caused by the liquid chemicals.

Use Products

E2FQ Chemical-resistant Proximity Sensor E2FQ

Inductive Proximity Sensor with Chemical-resistant Fluororesin Case