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Detects Passage of Transparent Glass Substrates

Case Number 6

last update: November 6, 2009

This application uses a Thin Capacitive Proximity Sensor with Separate Amplifier. 

This Capacitive Proximity Sensor can detect conductors and dielectric materials including metal, glass, and plastic. You can install it essentially anywhere because of the thin design and the Separate Amplifier.


Conventional optical sensors did not always provide stable detection because they were adversely affected by reflections from the covers placed on the glass substrates.

Benefit / Efficiency

A Capacitive Proximity Sensor that can detect glass by using a principle of operation that detects only near the Sensor itself ensures a stable detection without the effects caused by the covers on substrates.

Use Products

E2J Long Sensing-distance Capacitive Separate Amplifier Proximity Sensor E2J

Flat Capacitive Sensor with Separate Amplifier Ideal for Mounting on Robot Hands.