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Detects Slight Inclination of Minute Chips

Case Number 79

last update: April 13, 2015

This application uses a Fiber Sensor with a homogenous area beam.
You can detect lifting and inclination of chips placed on trays. A change in the amount of interrupted light caused by the inclination of components enables detection. This system uses special optical components to detect the same size of workpieces anywhere in the 11-mm-wide detection area.


It was very difficult to adjust the beam of conventional sensors to detect slightly lifted chips.

Benefit / Efficiency

Just install the Sensor in this application so that part of the homogenous line beam is interrupted by the chips in their normal position. This allows you to detect inclination by the change in the amount of interrupted light caused by slightly inclined components.

Applied Models

E32-T16[] + E3NX-FA

Use Products

E32 Series Fiber Sensors E32 Series

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