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M7E (14 mm)

Digital Display (14 mm)

M7E (14 mm)

New Models with Blanking Function Added to the Series

Display contents Display color Type Model
Model with Zero Suppression
(See note 1.)
Model with Blanking
(See note 2.)
Red Positive --- M7E-01BRP2
Negative --- M7E-01BRN2
Dynamic output --- M7E-01BRD2
Green Positive --- M7E-01BGP2
Negative --- M7E-01BGN2
Dynamic output --- M7E-01BGD2
Red Positive M7E-01DRP2 M7E-01DRP2-B
Negative M7E-01DRN2 M7E-01DRN2-B
Dynamic output M7E-01DRD2 M7E-01DRD2-B
Green Positive M7E-01DGP2 M7E-01DGP2-B
Negative M7E-01DGN2 M7E-01DGN2-B
Dynamic output M7E-01DGD2 M7E-01DGD2-B
(two colors)
Negative M7E-01DRGN2 M7E-01DRGN2-B
Red Positive M7E-01HRP2 M7E-01HRP2-B
Negative M7E-01HRN2
Green Positive M7E-01HGP2 M7E-01HGP2-B
Negative M7E-01HGN2 M7E-01HGN2-B

Display contents Display color Logic Model
Red --- M7E-01UR2-[]
(See note 3.)
Green --- M7E-01UG2-[]
(See note 3.)

M7E (14 mm) Lineup 2

Connectable PLCs

M7E model PLC output method
Display contents Type Static output Dynamic output
PNP output NPN output
±1, decimal Positive
Dynamic output
Hexadecimal Positive
Unit ---
(only voltage imposed)

M7E (14 mm) Lineup 4

Note: Connectable but an external resistor is required and only 24 VDC must be supplied.
Refer to External Connections on Catalog for details.

Accessories (Order Separately)

End Plate

Case color Model
Light gray M7E-012M
Black M7E-012M-1

Note: The Right and Left Plates form a pair.


Case color Model
Light gray M7E-012PA
Black M7E-012PA-1


Terminal Model
Solder terminal
Solder terminal
PCB terminal

Mother Board

Type Number of digits Model
Static 4 M7E-01MB4-S2
Static 3 M7E-01MB3-S2
Static 2 M7E-01MB2-S2

Note: Refer to M7E Mother Board for Display Units (Character Height: 14 mm) for details.

Cable with Connectors (1 to 1)

M7E (14 mm) Lineup 12

L Dimension Model
1,000 mm G79-100C
1,500 mm G79-150C
2,000 mm G79-200C
3,000 mm G79-300C
5,000 mm G79-500C

Cable with Crimp-style Terminals

M7E (14 mm) Lineup 13

L Dimension Model
1,000 mm G79-Y100C
1,500 mm G79-Y150C
2,000 mm G79-Y200C
3,000 mm G79-Y300C
5,000 mm G79-Y500C

Cable with Connectors (1 to 2)

M7E (14 mm) Lineup 14

L Dimension Model (for output)
A B Model
1,000 750 G79-O100C-75
1,500 1,250 G79-O150C-125
2,000 1,750 G79-O200C-175
3,000 2,750 G79-O300C-275
5,000 4,750 G79-O500C-475