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M7E (25 mm)

Digital Display (25 mm)

M7E (25 mm)

Zero Suppression Incorporated

Display contents Display color Type Model
Red Negative M7E-02DRN2
Green *1 M7E-02DGN2
Red/green (two colors) *1 M7E-02DRGN2
Red --- M7E-02UR2-[] *2
Green --- M7E-02UG2-[] *2

*1. The M7E-02DGN2 (single-color (green) model) is different from the M7E-02DRGN2 (two-color (red and green)
        model) in displayed tone.
*2. The symbol in the box ([]) expresses the code for the display contents. Refer to Data Sheet.

Connectable PLCs

M7E model PLC's output method
Display contents Type Static output Dynamic output
PNP output NPN output
Decimal Negative Not connectable Connectable Not connectable
Unit --- Connectable (only voltage imposed)

Accessories (Order Separately)

End Plate

Case color Model
Light gray M7E-022M
Black M7E-022M-1

Note: The Right and Left Plates form a pair.


Terminal Model
Solder terminals
Solder terminals
PCB terminals