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DeviceNet Communications Unit


Streamlined Communications from Temperature Controller to PLC

DeviceNet Communications Unit Enables Program-free Communications with Temperature Controllers

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Startup Time Is Six Times Faster and No Communications Programs Are Needed

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Manage All E5ZN Together from the DeviceNet Configurator

Use the DeviceNet Configurator for E5ZN initial settings and temperature control wiring to enable immediate execution.

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Improved Maintenance with Monitoring, Comment, and Copying Functions

Measure the heater control time (RUN time monitor) to manage heater life expectancy.

Monitor supply voltages, such as those for Temperature Controller and Communications Unit power supplies, and network power supplies.

User-specified names can be set for each heater and Communications Unit, enabling the location of errors to be checked quickly.

Upload/download Temperature Controller parameters to the Communications Unit. This shortens the time required to replace Temperature Controllers.

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