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NT20, NT31(C)-EV3, NT631C-EV3

Programmable Terminals

NT20, NT31(C)-EV3, NT631C-EV3

Better Compatibility and Easier-to-use Support Software

International Standards

  • The standards are abbreviated as follows: U: UL, U1: UL (Class I Division 2 Products for Hazardous Locations), C: CSA, UC: cULus, UC1: cULus (Class I Division 2 Products for Hazardous Locations), CU: cUL, N: NK, L: Lloyd, and CE: EC Directives.
  • Contact your OMRON representative for further details and applicable conditions for these standards.

Programmable Terminals

Item Specification Model Standards
NT631C TFT color Frame color: beige NT631C-ST153-EV3 CU, CE
Frame color: black NT631C-ST153B-EV3
NT31/NT31C STN color Frame color: beige NT31C-ST143-EV3 *
Frame color: black NT31C-ST143B-EV3 *
STN monochrome Frame color: beige NT31-ST123-EV3 *
Frame color: black NT31-ST123B-EV3 *
NT20 STN monochrome Frame color: beige NT20-ST121-E *
Frame color: black NT20-ST121B-E *

* Production was discontinued.

Programming Devices

Item Specification Model Standards
English Windows 98, NT, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, or 7.
Note: Except for Windows XP 64-bit version.
(provided on CD-ROM)
Memory Unit for Screen
NT631C/NT31[]/NT20 (common) NT-MF261
Cable For screen transfer For IBM PC/AT or compatible (2 m) XW2Z-S002
Printer For hardcopies of screens NT-CNT121


Item Specification Model Standards
Option DeviceNet Interface Unit NT-DRT21 *1 U, C
Anti-reflection Sheets (surface only) NT631C (5 sheets) NT610C-KBA04 -
NT31/31C (5 sheets) NT30-KBA04
NT20 (5 sheets) NT20-KBA04
Protective Cover NT631C (5 sheets) glare NT631C-KBA05
NT631C (5 sheets) non-glare NT631C-KBA05N
NT31/31C (5 sheets) NT31C-KBA05
Chemical resistant cover (silicon cover) NT631C NT625-KBA01
NT31/NT31C NT30-KBA01
NT20 NT20-KBA01
Battery NT631C/NT31[]/NT20 (common) C500-BAT08
Bar-code Reader Refer to the Catalog for details. V520-RH21-6 *2
RS-422A Converter For NT20 ports A and B CJ1W-CIF11 UC1, N, L, CE
Interface Attachment For NT20 NT20-IF001 -

*1. Production was discontinued.
*2. Bar Code Reader (V520-RH21-6) was discontinued at the end of August 2016.

Communications Cable between PT and PLC

PT end PLC end Cable length Cable model Standards
9-pin connector
NT631C port A or B
NT31/NT31C port A
NT20 port A or B
D-sub 9-pin connector 2 m XW2Z-200T -
5 m XW2Z-500T
D-sub 25-pin connector 2 m XW2Z-200S
5 m XW2Z-500S
25-pin connector
NT31/NT31C port B D-sub 9-pin connector 2 m XW2Z-200S
5 m XW2Z-500S
D-sub 25-pin connector 2 m XW2Z-200P
5 m XW2Z-500P