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Handheld 2D Code Reader


A New Handy Reader Capable of Reading Directly Marked Codes

2D Code Readers

Name Model Specifications Remarks
Communications interface Field of vision
2D Code Reader
V400-H111 RS-232C 5 × 5 to 10 × 10 mm
V400-H211 RS-232C 15 × 15 to 30 × 30 mm

Accessories (Optional)

Name Model Cable length Remarks
V400-AC2 --- Contactor for positioning
Communications Cable V400-W20-2M 2 m For SYSMAC Series connection
(with power cord)
V400-W20-5M 5 m
V400-W21-2M 2 m For PC-compatible connection
(with power cord)
V400-W21-5M 5 m
V400-W22-2M 2 m For PC-compatible connection
(when using AC Adaptor)
V400-W22-5M 5 m
AC Adaptor V600-A22 ---