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SYSMAC CS-series Ethernet Unit


Organically Connect the Production Site and Management

Use Ethernet to implement various communications protocols.

Implement FINS message communications using UDP/IP or TCP/IP with a user application on a host computer or with Support Software, such as the CX-Programmer.

Use the clock on an SNTP server to automatically adjust the clocks in the PLCs connected to the Ethernet network. (An SNTP server is required separately.)

An FTP server is built in, so files can be used to transfer PLC data between network PLCs and workstations or personal computers with an FTP client.

Email can be used to send commands to the PLCs, or triggers can be set so that the PLCs will send PLC data or Ethernet Unit status to a host computer.

The standard UDP/IP and TCP/IP protocols are supported to enable communications with a wide range of devices, workstations, personal computers, and Ethernet modules from other manufacturers.

The SMTP/POP3/SNTP servers enable the use of host names instead of IP addresses. (A DNS server is required separately.)