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Total Counter/Time Counter (DIN 48 x 24)


DIN 48 x 24-mm Total Counter/Time Counter with Easy-to-read Displays and Water and Oil Resistance Equivalent to IP66

High-visibility, negative transmissive LCD display with 8.5-mm-high characters and built-in red LED backlight at low power consumption.

IP66 with oil resistance and NEMA 4 protection achieved by unifying the front with the case and by using oil-resistant parts and materials.

Compact (80 mm) body.

Just change a switch setting for either an NPN or PNP input.

Supports both external resetting and manual resetting.

Finger-protection terminal block cover prevents electrical shock and conforms to VDE0106, Part 100.

Certified for UL and CSA safety standards.

Complies with EMC standards (EN 61326) and CE Marking.