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Inline PCB Inspection System


For Even More Efficient SMT Production Introducing the 2nd Generation RNS Series

Maximize your SMT line throughput with the use of quick setup and highly accurate inspection capability.

Fast production system startup and stable operation with no downtime.
Inspection system performance is the key.

The VT-RNS II delivers outstanding performance at every step of production. Easy-to-set initial inspection parameters are ready for immediate use to perform high accuracy inspections. Data collected from the inspection stations can be analyzed for root cause analysis of defects for ongoing process improvement.
Omron gives you the tools to increase productivity on your PCB assembly lines.

1. Program setup

Create inspection programs quickly for immediate line operation

Quick Setup

Features EzTS for simple automated generation of inspection programs

The easy-to-use Ez-Image Teaching (Ez-IT) inspection program generation software is equipped as a standard feature, enabling anyone to quickly and easily create inspection programs tailored to the PCB. The software also validates the inspection programs so that they can be implemented on the production line without delay.

VT-RNS II Features 6

* Note that this is not supported for some PCBs. Contact your Omron sales representative for details.

2. Inspection

20% Faster, highly accurate inspection system


Improved image processing for faster post-reflow inspections

In addition to processing faster than that of conventional models, the VT-RNSII also features revamped imaging processes to achieve significantly faster outcomes.
This enables the system to cope with the most demanding production environments.

VT-RNS II Features 9

Processing Speed compared with first generation VT-RNS

VT-RNS II Features 10

* Only on post-reflow inspection systems. Effectiveness varies depending on the PCB inspected.
* Inspection speeds for post-printing and post-placement models are equivalent to conventional models.

Highly Accurate

Uses Omron's 3-CCD and Color Highlight Technology

Omron pioneered the development of 3-CCD and Color Highlight Technology in PCB inspection systems to obtain correct measurements with high levels of inspection accuracy.

VT-RNS II Features 12
VT-RNS II Features 13

3. Process Improvement

Root cause defect analysis for a Process Improvement Support System


Q-upNavi provides total support for process improvement, root cause defect analysis and countermeasure implementation

Q-upNavi is quality control software that analyzes inspection results and provides feedback to the production line. This software enables operators to implement corrective procedures that will prevent future defects from occurring regardless of their level of experience or expertise.

VT-RNS II Features 17

Q-upNavi helps you implement procedures to ensure that defects do not occur.