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Desktop Portable PCB Inspection System


The Renowned Expertise of Omron Packed into a Desktop Unit

Easy to program and fully compatible from inspection through to repair

Powerful yet simple to use.
Desktop AOI keeps installation costs low.

The VT-RNS II ptH portable desktop PCB inspection system gives you the flexibility to meet the demands presented by high-mix/low-volume production. This second-generation model offers significant improvements in basic performance with reduced installation costs and easy-to-use program generation.

[Simple Program Generation]
So simple that anyone can create inspection programs

The easy-to-use Ez-Image Teaching (Ez-IT) inspection program generation system is equipped as a standard feature, enabling anyone to quickly and easily create inspection programs tailored to the PCB.

Automatic inspection program generation software
Ez-Image Teaching (Ez IT)

Makes it easy to create inspection programs in just four simple steps.

VT-RNSII ptH Features 5

* Note that this is not supported for some PCBs.
   Contact your Omron sales representative for details.

[35% Faster]
Now faster than ever

Omron shortens post-reflow inspection tact time by up to 35% over previous models with improvements including increased image processing speed, a larger field of view, a more powerful CPU and faster sequencing.

VT-RNSII ptH Features 7

Larger field of view for faster processing

VT-RNSII ptH Features 8

* Only for M-size post-reflow inspection systems. Effectiveness varies depending on the PCB inspected.
* Inspection speeds for post-printing and post-placement models are equivalent to conventional models.

[Omron High Precision]
Omron - The Pioneer in High-precision Inspection Systems

Omron pioneered the development of PCB inspection systems utilizing 3-CCD cameras and Color Highlight illumination technology. Our wide-ranging expertise in areas such as image processing and setting of judgment standards gives you a built-in advantage for high-precision inspection.

VT-RNSII ptH Features 10

Color Highlight system

Omron's advanced Color Highlight system provides a method of obtaining accurate information on solder joint angles in the form of image data.

VT-RNSII ptH Features 12

Accurate solder shape data that is unaffected by reflection brightness.

[Global Support]
World Class Engineering Support

Omron has built a global support organization for our customers with sales and service offices in some 70 locations covering the major manufacturing centers around the world. Regional coordination ensures consistent, high quality support where ever you choose to set up production. Services are tailored to your needs and include technical support and training in system setup, operations and maintenance.

VT-RNSII ptH Features 14

[Software for process improvement]
Omron has the expertise to improve your production efficiency

Q-upNAvi provides total support for process improvement, root cause defect analysis and countermeasure implementation.

By helping to visualize process conditions, Q-upNavi enables you to implement corrective procedures that will prevent future defects from occurring.

VT-RNSII ptH Features 16