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FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System)

PC Vision System

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System)

PC-based, flexible image processing system. All-in-One Vision System.

Smart programming

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 2

Drag and drop with image processing

You can create new measurement and inspection flows quickly and easily with our ready-made modules. Simply choose from the 60+ modules and drag and drop them to define your required image-input, measurement and other sequences – as well as building your processing flows. No more searching subroutine libraries and painstakingly piecing them together.
You can immediately create new inspection functions from our ready-made software modules.

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 3

Time-saving Macros

We also offer a wide range of Macros to further accelerate your development process – especially for your calculation functions. Simply drag and drop the required Macro into your flow.

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 4

Own developed algorithms

If the item you need is not included in the new FJ Series software suite, you can easily create your own item using Microsoft® Visual Studio® and the "Application Producer".
The Development Wizard and code samples ensure that creating programs, including those for your GUI, is always quick and simple.

* Microsoft® Visual Studio® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

Easy HMI configuration

Show only the buttons you need

Choose from our library of buttons and position them anywhere on-screen to best support your daily operation, without "screen clutter".

Add a camera image

With just one click.

Eight screen layout

Up to screens can be stored depending on the application or user classification.

Move windows freely

Drag and drop windows where you want.
You can also change the box size and delete.

Seamless connectivity with your machine

Working in perfect harmony with your machine

The FJ Series controllers are Windows-based Open IPCs on which you can install your regular PC programs.
You can also install printer and robot controller driver software.

The Windows-based environment in the FJ Series allows you to reuse your existing software which supports the building of your machine's vision application such as statistical, communication, printer driver and other software. This not only saves time but enables you to continue benefitting from previous investments.

Stable, high-speed inspection via superior image processing...

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 14

HDR sensing

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 16

With our High Dynamic Range* sensing technology, changing lighting levels will never affect the performance of your system, making it extremely stable. HDR sensing also avoids the need for complex illumination schemes, the FJ Series Vision System is highly stable and performs at high speed in normal lighting levels. Also with an HDR of up to 5000:1 your vision system will also inspect shiny, reflective surfaces with extreme accuracy and without halation.

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 17

Real Colour Sensing

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 18

The limitations of traditional vision systems have also been overcome in the FJ Series by using 24-bit Real Colour sensing to better mimic the colours found in the real world. Real Colour sensing instantly recognises more than 16 million different colours in real-time using 256 shades of red, 256 shades of blue, and 256 shades of green. This translates into faster inspections without sacrificing quality, performance, or resolution.

* The "dynamic range" of an imaging system refers to its ability to detect differences in luminosity. The higher the
    dynamic range, the clearer the images.

...and advanced algorithms

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 21

More than 1600 algorithms

Take advantage of the HALCON Algorithm vision library: more than 1600 state-of-the-art algorithms specially made for high-speed inspection systems. Combine these with Omron's wide range of GUIs to create your ideal processing items. This also allows you to easily build an interface to turn HALCON Algorithms into useful processing items on the shop floor.

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 23

Shape-based matching

Even under difficult conditions, such as missing workpieces or foreign objects on the line, the FJ Series still conducts robust measurements and inspections.

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 24

High-speed, stable code reading

Even scratched or dirty codes can be read with extreme accuracy. Codes printed onto materials with varying reflectivity, such as metals, PCBs, and glass can also be read with excellent accuracy.

Highly reliable hardware

guaranteed connectivity

All the different components in the FJ Series - cameras, controllers, frame grabbers, light sources, and software - are proven to be 100% compatible. So you can choose the exact components you want, with the exact performance levels you need, and be confident that it will all come together perfectly.

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System) Features 27

Highly robust controllers

The FJ Series controllers use Flash memory – not hard disc drives. That’s why they are highly robust and can take a few knocks in the factory environment. Even sudden power outages and strong vibration will not affect them. Choose either the compact controller when space is limited, or the touchscreen-integrated model for optimised ease of use.

Wide range of cameras

You have a choice of 20 different digital cameras, including intelligent models which can automatically adjust their shutter speeds to compensate for changing lighting levels. There is also a choice of compact intelligent cameras for when space is limited.

Choice of lighting

Lighting timing and lighting power are managed by the FJ Series controller. When several cameras are connected to one controller, the flash timings are controlled automatically to prevent interference.