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Energy Savings Analysis Software


Find wasted energy with simple operations.

about this Product Family

Dr. ECO is a simple, easy-to-use Energy Savings Analysis Software.
It will help you reduce energy usage and simplify energy data analysis.

1. Instantly Find Wasted Energy on Graphs

A new feature lets you Comparison graphs.

Overlapping line graph

EWS-DE10 Features 3

2. Easily Alter Graph Displays as Required

You can take advantage of many graph displays with a click of the mouse.

Basic Window of Dr. ECO

EWS-DE10 Features 5

Share Any Number of Graphs with a Viewer Edition

EWS-DE10 Features 6

Graph files and project files can be copied and used on a Viewer Edition.
Functionality is restricted.

Other Features


EWS-DE10 Features 8

Just outline the area to be analyzed with the mouse to zoom in or out.

This allows you to see details of suspicious parts of the graph.


EWS-DE10 Features 9

You can select the data to display simply by selecting check boxes.

Hide unnecessary data to find suspicious parts of the required data.

Changing Graph Order

EWS-DE10 Features 10

You can change the front/back order of superimposed graphs.

Changes can be correctly seen by changing the order of the data.

Changing Graph Type

EWS-DE10 Features 11

You can switch to a line, pie, or bar graph with a single button.

Changes can be correctly seen by changing the graph type.

Changing the Period

EWS-DE10 Features 12

You can change the display time axis to months, weeks, days, hours, or measurement units.

The period can be set for the interval to view for use in reports.

3. Easy Data Management

Manage expanding volumes of energy data in a hierarchical database.

With a single database you can analyze according to different levels in the hierarchy and link to a system diagram.

EWS-DE10 Features 14

Easier Preparation of Reports

You can convert graphs directly to CSV files according to the measurement period.

EWS-DE10 Features 15