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NX7 Overview


Motion, Logic and Vision in one

Sysmac: A fully integrated platform

Integration and Functionality

Sysmac is an integrated automation platform dedicated to providing complete control and management of your automation plant. At the core of this platform, the Machine Controller series offers synchronous control of all machine devices and advanced functionality such as motion, robotics and database connectivity. This multidisciplinary concept allows you to simplify solution architecture, reduce programming and optimize productivity.

NX7 Features 2

One Machine Controller

Complete integration of motion and logic sequence

One Integrated Development

Environment software for Configuration, Programming, Simulation and Monitoring

Integrated Automation Control:

The Sysmac platform is scalable and provides the performance and functionality for a wide range of solutions from simple machines through to manufacturing cells


• Motion Control: Integrated within the IDE, and operating in real-time
• Standard PLCopen Function Blocks plus Omron generated motion FB’s
• Direct Synchronous control for Position, Speed and Torque


• All safety related data is synchronized with the whole network
• The PLCopen® FBD simplifies and accelerates the development process through structuring safety circuits and enhancing reuse.


• Higher resolution images available without increasing the vision processing time
• Shape search technology: Provides more stable and accurate object detection for Pick & Place projects


• Function Blocks in Adept Robot Control Library enable robot control from the NJ/NX/NY Controller using Ladder and Structured Text


• Full control of the process parameter setting and predictive maintenance functions
• High precision detection and positioning data synchronized on the network


• Sysmac communicates in real-time with Databases such as SQL
• Secure Data: In the event of a server going down or losing communications, data is automatically stored in internal memory
• Sysmac operates with Databases at high speed [1000 table element/ 100 ms] ensuring realistic Big Data Processing to improve productivity and aid predictive maintenance etc.

One Connection

Seamless machine control and factory automation

One machine control through one connection and one software is how we define the Sysmac automation platform. The Machine Automation Controller integrates logic, motion, safety, robotics, vision, information, visualization and networking under one software: Sysmac Studio. This one software provides a true Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that also includes a custom 3D motion simulation tool. The machine controller comes standard with built-in EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP. The two networks with one connection purpose is the perfect match between fast real time machine control and data plant management.

NX7 Features 13

EtherCAT - Machine Control

• Redundancy minimizes downtime
• Flexible system configuration using a variety of slaves
• Fast and precise: Fastest cycle time of 125 μs, synchronization with 1 μs jitter
• 512 slaves
• Embedded in Omron servo drive, inverter, I/O, Safety, Vision and Sensing
• Uses standard STP Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors
• One connection using Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE) protocol

Ethernet - Factory Automation

• Peer-to-Peer controller communication
• Interface with Sysmac Studio , NA HMI or SCADA software
• Database connection for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL and Firebird
• FTP server

One Software

One Integrated Development Environment Software

Created to give you complete control over your automation system, Sysmac Studio integrates configuration, programming and monitoring. Graphics-oriented configuration allows quick set-up of the controller, field devices and networks while machine and motion programming based on IEC standard and PLCopen Function Blocks for Motion Control cuts programming time. Smart Editor with On-line debugging helps quick and error free programming. Advanced simulation of sequence and motion control, and data trace reduce machine tuning and set-up.


Reusable programs

Programming with variables

NX7 Features 20

One Integrated Development Environment software Sysmac Studio is fully compliant with the open standard IEC 61131-3. Programming with variables eliminates the need to learn the internal memory map of the PLC and allows the programs to be reused.

Development by multiple developers

Project version control function *

NX7 Features 22

When you develop a project at the same time as your colleagues, the Sysmac Studio combined with the version control system (GitTM) merges changes automatically and resolves conflicting changes. This makes merging easier and faster. You can even revert to the previous revision after graphically comparing the current project with a previous one.
* This function can be used by applying the Team Development Option to Sysmac Studio version 1.20 or higher.
  Project version control function is supported by CPU Unit version 1.16 or later.

For advanced machine control

Motion programming

NX7 Features 24

Advanced motion control applications can be created quickly just by combining PLCopen® Function Blocks for Motion Control.

Model-Based design

NX7 Features 25

Complex feedback control that is designed with MATLAB®/Simulink® can be imported into programs.

NX7 Features 26


Fast system debugging

Virtual mechanical debugging

NX7 Features 29

Before the mechanical prototype is completed, motion can be checked and the program can be debugged. This cuts design time.

NX7 Features 30

3D simulation

NX7 Features 31

Motion trajectories in 3D can be pre-tested with advanced simulation of sequence and motion control. Simulation of single Function Blocks, POU’s (Program Organization Unit) or the entire program can be performed.
In addition all standard features such as Break & Step are available. Easy tuning and debugging reduce the set-up times of machines and production lines.


Highly efficient maintenance


NX7 Features 34

Troubleshooting in the Sysmac Studio and NA Programmable Terminal can manage errors across the entire system including the controller. You can check details of errors and solutions without reading manuals.

Remote maintenance

NX7 Features 35

Movement of the machine connected online can be displayed on the CAD in real time, and movement can also be reproduced from the trace data.
Maintenance and troubleshooting can be performed in remote locations.

Collection of software functional components Sysmac Library

NX7 Features 36

Packed with Omron’s rich technical know-how, the Function Blocks in the Sysmac Library for advanced applications and motion control cut programming time.

One Machine Controller [NJ/NX/NY Machine Automation Controller]

Powerful, yet easy to configure

The NJ/NX/NY Controller is at the heart of the Sysmac platform. One integrated controller is designed to meet extreme requirements in terms of logic sequence and motion control speed and accuracy. Standard programming and open networks make it easy to build your automation system.

High-speed, high-precision control *1

Architecture based on Intel® CoreTM i7 processor significantly speeds up the execution of instructions (basic instructions 0.37 ns, math instructions for Long Real Data 3.2 ns). Command values to send to servomotors and stepper motors can be updated as fast as every 125 μs.
This enables smooth cam motion and high-precision interpolation and phase adjustment between axes.

NX7 Features 39

Complete integration of motion and logic

One controller integrates logic, motion, vision and information for complete control and management of machines. Position, displacement, and tension information collected from sensors can be quickly and easily fed back to the motion control.

NX7 Features 40

Integrated safety into machine control*3

The controller integrates safety control into machine control in lines that require fast cycle times. It also integrates two different open networks: EtherNet/IP for safety control in production lines and EtherCAT for safety control in machines.

NX7 Features 41
NX7 Features 42

Collection of software functional components Sysmac Library

• FB library option for advanced applications (vibration suppression, temperature control, motion control...)
• High quality products with reliable global support

NX7 Features 43

*1. Performance of NX701-1[]00
*2. Based on Omron investigation in February 2015.
*3. Performance of NX102-[][][][] and NX-SL5[]00
*4. Database connection CPU unit: NX102-[][]20/NJ[]01-[][]20
*5. Performance of NX102-[][][][]/NJ501-1[]00

Drive machine innovation by increasing speed and precision and maximizing uptime

Case 1: High-speed alignment and vibration-free handling


1. Precisely stacking many sheets increases cycle time because retries caused by mechanical errors increase positioning time.
2. Vibration settling time is required when high-speed handling is stopped. Speed must be reduced to suppress vibration.

1. High-speed, high-precision alignment system

The FH Vision System provides the Shape Search function for fast and accurate shape recognition and Visual Feedback that feeds back the current position to control the motor in every measurement cycle. These increase alignment speed without sacrificing accuracy.

NX7 Features 49

Visual Feedback Alignment Library

2. Software functional components for vibration suppression

The Vibration Suppression Library facilitate programming for high-speed handling while suppressing vibration. Waiting time is reduced, and positional accuracy is increased.

NX7 Features 51

Vibration Suppression Library

NX7 Features 52

Case 2: Redundancy minimizes downtime


1. It takes time to recover from an unexpected production line stop, significantly reducing uptime.
2. The safety system stops the entire line due to disconnection or other causes even when there is no danger.

Cable Redundancy

Even if a part of the EtherCAT network is disconnected, Cable Redundancy provides continuous connectivity. This function allows you to fix disconnection without stopping the machines and production line where one controller provides both machine and safety control.
The line stops only when operators are in danger, which ensures safety.

NX7 Features 55