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Industrial PC Platform NY-series IPC Programmable Multi-Axis Controller


High-speed, high-precision motion controller plus PC - in one box

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Software downloads

You can download software for the NY Series Industrial PC Platform.

[Industrial PC] IPC Programmable Multi Axis Controller

High-speed, high-precision motion controller plus PC - in one box

The IPC Programmable Multi-Axes Controller offers exceptionally precise motion control, with proven technology from Omron's Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc. It was developed to help manufacturers boost both their productivity and their manufacturing quality, delivering world-beating*1 output speeds allied to exception precision.
It comes equipped with Windows real-time operating systems which, combined with powerful control capability, provides exceptional flexibility. And it's not just superior motion control: it also enables the creation of high-resolution graphics as well as customized applications for high-end production requirements. The system can perform predictable motion control while running intensive data-handling applications and, uniquely, will continue with motion control tasks even if the OS stops working.

NY51[]-A Features 2

Industrial PC

Operating System

• Windows (Embedded Standard 7)


Enables the multiple operating system environment

Programmable Multi Axis Controller

Proven motion control technology from Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.

NY51[]-A Features 7

High-speed multi-axis control

• Up to 128 axes of control
• Motion control period:250 μs/16 axes*2

NY51[]-A Features 9


• Flexible function development capability
    (G-Code/ANSI C/original programming language)
• EtherCAT for flexible system configuration

NY51[]-A Features 11


• Multi-tasking of Motion Control and Windows/applications
• Hypervisor*3 software for uninterrupted control even if Windows is down

High-speed and high-precision motion controller and PC in one

The Omron IPC Programmable Multi Axis Controller can be integrated into your existing system, even if it uses products from other manufacturers. Consult your Omron representative.

NY51[]-A Features 13

*1. Refers to the motion control performance of 16.6 microseconds/1 axes or 50 microseconds/8 axes
      (Omron survey as of July 2016).
*2. Reference value.
*3. Software avoids mutual interference by appropriately assigning IPC hardware resources (boards, CPU cores, etc.)
      to OS.Machine control task is not interrupted even if a Windows crashes.

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